American Cowgirl

Honoring the Spirit of Women and Horses

Flying White Horses(3)

Dear Jamie, Thank you very much for your efforts to keep cowgirls on the map. I have been riding since I was five years old. I quit school before the eighth grade, but had been going to every rodeo to watch the trick riders and that is what I wanted to do, so I taught myself trick riding. I answered [...]

Heart of the Rockies(7)

Here are some pictures from the movie I performed in called “Heart of the Rockies” starring Roy Rogers. Arlene LaMar Kansas City, MO 

Cowgirl Dreams(10)

My Grandmother, an American Cowgirl A petite young woman mounts a 750-pound steer, and hangs on to nothing but a rope tight-wrapped around one hand. That she stays on this bucking, twisting, snorting beast for ten seconds, eight seconds or even two seconds, seems a miracle. This is the intriguing picture of my grandmother I [...]

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