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Independent Spirit(1)

Wow-we-wow-wow!!! I just watched the video of Connie and the other ladies. That video is a work of art and I loved it! I belong to a woman’s riding and horse interest group (some of us are a little long in the tooth for riding, so I can’t wait to show the video to them!) and [...]

Keep the Dream Alive(2)

I am a widow of 2 years now. My husband was my best friend and we were married 28 years and met in 9th grade. I live on my family land and raise and show cattle, am a certified cattle judge, do my haying, have horses we use for rodeoing, cattle work, and trail riding. I [...]

Saddle Up! Horseback Writing Retreat(0)

I’ve been leading outdoor adventures for women for 11 years and this year, I put together one nearest and dearest to my heart of all of them –    a “Saddle Up! Horseback Writing Retreat” with my friend and expert horsewoman, Sheri Griffith. I called it the “Literature and Landscape of the Horse.” 21 women [...]

My mom is such a wonderful person(1)

Thank you very much Jamie. You have such beautiful work, and life is truly a blessing when what you love is your job! My Mom is such a wonderful person. And even though we’ve never owned a cow, we’ve always considered ourselves cowgirls! So you have two more new fans from CA, and we completely support [...]

On the beach(1)

I am a 50 year old woman who started riding 4 years ago and owns a 7 year old thoroughbred horse since 3 years on the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean. My horse Atid and how he came to be here with me is a story in itself ! Horseback riding has blessed and [...]

Living My Dream(0)

Jamie! A dear friend forwarded your video clip to me and my heart stopped! I am SO excited about your work! I have been a cowgirl in my heart from the time I could walk but growing up as a preacher’s daughter kept me from realizing my dreams. At 39 I bought my first horse [...]

Love the film(4)

Love, love, love the film and the photography. Fantastic work! An an artist and horse lover myself, I can identify. When will the film be available? I am interested in a copy for sure! Thanks for your efforts to record the cowgirl history. Your work will touch so many for generations to come. God bless, [...]

A life long rider(0)

As a life long rider and actress/radio host, this is one of the *best* docs I’ve seen in a long time. Well done!!! May God grant me the health to ride as long as she does and the graciousness to teach as well! Pam Stone

Back to riding with double lung transplant(0)

              I am 51 years old, a songwriter, writer and rider. Seven months ago I had a double lung transplant. One of the first questions I asked the surgeons before signing on for this, was, “Will I be able to ride again?” The operation was a success. I am [...]

I was awestruck by the film(1)

I was awestruck by the film and felt an unusual sense of peace knowing that someone was finally documenting the “American Cowgirl” and especially in such a beautiful and professional manner. Thank you. Kathy Fahey Jupiter, FL


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