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Home at last, with two horses and a little donkey

Ruella and Renaissance Painter

Hi Jamie – What beautiful work!
About a year ago, at age 72, I finally got the horse ranch I’d dreamed of since childhood – two acres a little east of Oklahoma City. I grew up with horses, with my earliest memories the smell and feel of them. I married a “city boy” with no understanding of the dream, so it was on hold for too long. Through somewhat miraculous events, I am now at home at last – with two horses and a little donkey, loving every moment with them and savoring every ride.

Renaissance Painter arrived on the first day of spring, and has become my dear friend and partner, the first horse of my own since I was a child. He was a cow horse, and I lived my adult life in the city, longing for a place for a horse. When I saw him for the first time, I knew he had been waiting for me. Our acreage was purchased just for Renn, and he is my heart’s delight. Every day our connection grows and our spirits entwine deeper. When I awake, he’s outside my window, waiting. The unity I crave as a horsewoman is with me in moments of brilliance, moments that take my breath away. And the moments are growing into minutes, and now, into hours. In the autumn of my life I found him – stealer and healer of my heart.

Thanks for the beautiful gallery; I especially liked the photos of Connie.
Happy Trails,
Ruella Yates
Jones, OK

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