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Independent Spirit

Mary Lynn Doyle

Wow-we-wow-wow!!! I just watched the video of Connie and the other ladies. That video is a work of art and I loved it! I belong to a woman’s riding and horse interest group (some of us are a little long in the tooth for riding, so I can’t wait to show the video to them!) and we all have in common an independent spirit and a love for horses. Thank God for these fabulous women you showed in the video. It was such a fun experience to watch it. 
Thank you,
Mary Lynn Doyle

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  1. Annie Lambert says:

    You are never too old to ride a good horse! My mom, Cowgirl Hall of Fame nominee Pat North Ommert, rides several hours daily and sometimes twice! Her old photos are collected on her Facebook page under ‘Pat North Ommert.’ This is a wonderful blog…

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