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I’ve only had her 2 weeks, she is my dream horse(0)

Jamie, Your pictures and film are truly a tribute to women. I always say, women empower women. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face this morning. My 84 year old Mom watched the video last night and a tear came to her eye, as she said “Now I understand what you have with your horses”. [...]

Home at last, with two horses and a little donkey(1)

Hi Jamie – What beautiful work! About a year ago, at age 72, I finally got the horse ranch I’d dreamed of since childhood – two acres a little east of Oklahoma City. I grew up with horses, with my earliest memories the smell and feel of them. I married a “city boy” with no [...]


I got a donkey as a companion for my lonely gelding, never knowing that she would steal my heart. This portrait of Jenny in the morning light captures her strong, sweet spirit. She came to us from a herd of 120 donkeys northwest of Oklahoma City. When I entered the pen of donkeys for sale, she [...]

Breath with Me(0)

Kira was seized by the police department, along with her herd of 44 starving, abused Arabians. I went to the rescue organization offering to foster a horse, not knowing what to expect. In shock at what I saw, I focused on the gate to the overflow pen, saying a small prayer that the horse who needed [...]

A tip of the Stetson to you Jamie!(0)

A tip of the Stetson to you Jamie! I just watched your film. I am the author of The Cowgirl’s Cookbook published by Globe Pequot this last May. It is doing very well, in part, I believe, because people like you – and me – are bringing the Cowgirl back to the forefront where she belongs. [...]

Loved the film clip!(0)

Loved the film clip! It was sent to me on my horse list. I hope I am still going at that age. I wonder how many more years I can ride. If you are anywhere near Long Island, NY stop on by! Thanks, Gail Destefano Nesconset, NY

Photographic memories of a cattlewoman(0)

Dear Miss Williams, I have just browsed your images on the American Cowgirl site; to me they are moments, pieces of essences staring back at me, asking me what do you see? They challenge me to look deeper than the photo and find the soul behind it. I have some moments, some photos of my [...]

Angel’s Mom(0)

A man once wrote this famous quote; “I have a dream”. Remember? For Angel’s mom, the dream lives on despite the dust, the bills and rust. Despite back pain, the lack of rain, the coyotes howl and banker’s scowl; for Angel’s mom, the dream lives on. Winter wind whipping, ice cycles dripping, as mom chopped ice, not once, but twice. Then toted [...]

Blythe Riding Club(0)

Hi Jamie, I just watched your piece on Connie Reeves. Fantastic!! Wonderfully done! Motivational! I am the current president of the Blythe Riding Club here in Blythe, Calf. The BRC was created in 1947 by Henrietta Scott for the ladies of this valley. Well, by 1956 they started a ride that would ride for 3 days across [...]

I got back into horses at age 50(0)

I got back into horses at the age of 50. I’m 58 now. I have 14 horses now. I ride almost every day. It’s like my life started at 50. :) This film was definitely motivating to me. My best friend and I are always kidding we will be in our 80′s riding. Together. Always. I [...]


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