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Flying White Horses

3 Horses Jump

Dear Jamie,
Thank you very much for your efforts to keep cowgirls on the map.
 I have been riding since I was five years old. I quit school before the eighth grade, but had been going to every rodeo to watch the trick riders and that is what I wanted to do, so I taught myself trick riding. I answered an ad from The Western Horseman magazine from Mr.& Mrs. Joe Stoddard in Nampa, Idaho wanting girl riders. Later, Frank and Lois Hall bought the Stoddard’s out and named the new show The Valykries and Their Flying White Horses. In 1950, at the Los Angeles Coliseum, Roy Rogers was the Grand Marshall of the Sheriff’s Rodeo. The Flying Valkyries performed at this rodeo with a 102,000 in the audience. 
Arlene LaMar
Kansas City, MO

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  1. Flying White Horses! Now *there’s* some fancy riding. What a breathtaking picture. i’d like to see more pictures and hear more about this fascinating life.

  2. What a fascinating story! That’s one for the books.

  3. I know trick riding is difficult for beginners but if people have a strong desire to do it as you like had then I won’t be difficult for anyone. Anyways, flying picture is awesome and your story as well.

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