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Heart of the Rockies

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Here are some pictures from the movie I performed in called “Heart of the Rockies” starring Roy Rogers.
Arlene LaMar
Kansas City, MO 

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  1. Jamie!
    Paula just sent this link to me and I just loved the trailer! Of course it was really no surprise- having seen your beautiful work before, this is just the perfect extension. Just wonderful!

    Looking forward to seeing more from you!
    Warm regards,

  2. jamie, i have known paula since 7th grade! and yes the cowgirl spirit exhisted even then. i have a throughbred now retired at the age of 26 and a 5yr old quarterhorse paint. my cowgirl riding tends to the hunter/jumper world but anyone female who rides anything horse qualifies as a cowgirl! thanks for the work you do, the documentary is heartwarming and inspiring!

    here’s to the grand creatures we know as horses and to the women who ride!

  3. Mary Weaver says:

    when its in your blood its there and you cant do nuthin about it but give in to it . I knewhorse ran thru my veins at the age of 8. And I have persued alife with them ever since. Now I live alone with 6 horses 2dogs ,several cats , chickens and roosters . I ride trails, run barrels, and Field trial in the winter. My life has been so fullfilling with the love of horse and the people that I share this love with. I pray that God will grace my life with the ability to ride these magnificant creations of his until my last breath. I live in the South ,not the West , but I feel the spirit of the west in an early morning run across afield of sawgrass on the Plantations we ride. And the commraderie we share at sunset around the campfire. Please continue to document the days of old, and share with us the experiances of our fellow sisters of this life with the horse. I am a cowgirl.

  4. Arlene, you are one of my heros. Pictures of you encouraged me to fly out to Donderson’s White Horse Troupe in Troup, Tx when I graduated from highschool to be a roman rider and trick rider. I was 17 yrs old and had not been away from home in Grand Rapids, MI but baled hay for the ticket to Troup, slept all the way there on the plane, arrived at the ranch totally worn out but couldn’t wait to get up on the roman teams. The girls were practicing when I arrived and after my first try, I was hooked. Still breaking roman teams in Florida and most of the amazing life I have lived all over the US and Canada was started by an amazing picture of you on four white horses. Thank you for being the inspiration that pointed me towards this wonderful life. I now share my horse farm in Florida with my better half, Denny Chapman, my son, third generation Wild West Performer Deke Rivers, and our assistant trainer, Stephanie Cons from Chatam, Ont. We train and teach equine acts for other performers who want to live the dream.
    I hope to meet you in person someday soon.
    Mary Rivers
    International Side Saddle Hall of Fame Inductee
    Wild West Entertainment – director of acts

  5. Even as a man I find your stories and pictures insperational, and show them to my 3 daughters so that they know they can do anything if they set their minds to it.

  6. I dream of Being a Cowgirl like this. The one who can rope and ride, gather cattle, raise children, and Live the Western Dream. Although I am 50 now, I still feel like 20. Jumped up on the back of a horse and stood in the saddle last summer, Arms in the Air, free spirit and full of life. I often wonder what it would have been like had i grown up on a ranch back in the days of early ranching, or even a town of cowboys and cowgirls. Starting on my 2nd half of life, I have it all to look forward to now. Living in Steamboat Springs, CO
    Living the Western Dream. Dreaming of the ranch life, the real cowgirl ranch life! I believe!

  7. I love this idea, and I wish you the best of luck. I loved that short video with Connie. Are there plans to do more of those? I think it’s such an important part of history that is missing. I had the priviledge of meeting Nancy Sheppard, Hall of Fame trick rider/roper. Wow, what an amazing, and interesting lady! I’d suggest getting ahold of her, she can tell you some stories and you can see her love for the sport of rodeo and horses in her eyes. Her face just lights up, and makes me wish I was around to see her perform in her prime. She’s right around 82 now, and I don’t believed has slowed down much at all. We all can learn a ton from ladies like these!

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